Secret secret mummy monkey head, fish body

Recently British researchers have published the truth about the origin of the mutated mermaid “fish monkey head”, which is unknown to science for a long time.

Researchers at St George’s University and the Horniman Museum in London say mermaid mummies are made by fishermen in Japan and East Asia. While sailors bought them as a symbol of luck at sea, circus artists bought them for the purpose of arousing curiosity in their performances.

Specimens of monkey body fish head

At the beginning of the 20th century, scientists were shocked to see these strange-looking “monkey-headed” specimens. Some people said the mermaid was embalmed.

Later, researchers believe that the monkey’s head was sewn with the body of a fish. Therefore, it is called monkey fish.

In March 2011, they X-rayed a sample of monkey fish mummies at the Horniman Museum, revealing half of it was connected from paper.

“Scientists have used modern technology such as CT scanners, microscopes, X-ray machines and 3D printers to investigate and clarify its structure,” said James Moffatt, Ph.D. explained at St George’s school.

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