Why are we sad in the fall?

In the fall, the weather affects hormonal production as well as physiological functions, making people sad and tired.

In the fall, the weather turns cold, the landscape changes, causing the mood of people to be affected. In addition, our spirit is also influenced by certain physiological causes.

According to People, scientific studies found near the center of the human brain have a type of vascular gland called the pineal gland. This gland secretes melatonin, the hormone that regulates the rhythm – sleep.

Weather affects the production of hormones that make people sad and tired. (Photos: Pinterest).

In summer, the amount of sunlight is abundant, so melatonin is less secreted. By autumn, sunshine time decreases, melatonin is produced more. At this time, increased levels of melatonin lead to inhibition of two thyroxine hormones and adrenaline, so people become tired, depressed, negative, and even fall into depression.

In addition, in the fall, the weather is erratic. Sudden temperature changes impede the body’s metabolism and physiological functions, leading to endocrine dysfunction and symptoms such as difficulty concentrating, dreaming, or insomnia.

To be in a good mood and spirit in the fall, first, you need to make a healthy diet. Breakfast should pay attention to supplementing with protein and calcium-rich foods such as eggs, milk, fruits. Quitting breakfast will exacerbate the mentality.

Besides, do not forget to take care of your heart and kidneys by drinking teas such as rose tea, chrysanthemum tea, lotus tea. Eating lots of lotus, licorice, barley, and walnuts is also good for the heart, liver, and nervous system, and helps reduce the risk of blood vessel blockage.

Finally, in your work and personal life, take time to rest properly, think positively and participate in many outdoor activities for your body to relax.

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