White UFO found around Earth for thousands of years?

According to Mirror, UFO hunters (unidentified flying objects) have just reopened a video posted on their official YouTube by the US Aeronautics Agency (NASA) many years ago. This video goes back to the space shuttle shuttle Endeavor, which was abandoned in May 2011. It is worth noting that in the clouds there appears a strange white object that many people suspect is a UFO.

Immediately, conspiracy researchers re-posted this clip and said that the white UFO mentioned above has circled the Earth for thousands of years. They described that white object that could be seen very clearly in the back of the fuel tank after NASA launched Endeavor.

White object is said to be UFO.

Close-up of the shuttle Endeavor’s fuel tank.

On a scientific basis, of course NASA has not commented on the rumors that UFOs appear around Earth. However, before that, a NASA scientist once stated, humans will find aliens in just 20 years.

Specifically, according to Anthony Del Genio – co-chair of NASA’s NExSS project at the Goddard Space Research Institute in New York, the discovery of alien life is only counted back in a few decades. “I think in the next 20 years, we will find such an object,” Genio said.

Genio said that extraterrestrial life may exist in a separate form and in places that are too bizarre different from what is happening on Earth. However, in the early stages of the search for aliens, humans still have to find them according to the knowledge we have about life on Earth.

When humans discovered the first planet beyond knowledge in 1992, many considered it an “one – no – two” event that would only happen once in their lives; But in just 25 years, people have discovered more than 3,500 exoplanets from thousands of other star systems. Some of these are orbiting stars in defined orbitals, and their surface temperatures fluctuate around 100 degrees centigrade.

The most potential planet that scientists are hoping for so far is Jupiter’s moon Europa, where there is an ocean full of water under the ice crust, like oceans beneath the Arctic ice and Earth’s Antarctica.

In fact, water is not the only thing scientists search on other planets. They are also looking for chemical signs of life, such as two or more certain molecules in an atmosphere that they cannot coexist at the same time.

Scientists are also using space telescopes to capture high-resolution images of planets that are able to survive, to better understand their composition.

While optimistic Anthony Del Genio confirmed that NASA was about to reach the goal of detecting aliens, his colleagues did not think so. Scientist Andrew Rushby at NASA’s Ames Research Center said: “At least 50 years, not 20 years.”

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