The 20-meter-high lava tower is red in the sea

A nearly 20-meter lava bubble appears in the Hawaiian waters, creating a perfect circle that draws attention from netizens.

According to Fox news, the US Geological Survey (USGS) posted a 65-foot round lava tower photo in the Hawaiian waters on Twitter, which quickly caught the attention of many people.

Lava tower in Hawaiian waters.

The lava tower floated in the middle of the sea, forming a perfect circle. This rare image results from an eruption in the eastern rift area of ​​Kilauea volcano on the big island, Hawaii.

Lava arches appear during the Mauna Ulu eruption, on the big island of Hawaii. The eruption lasted for 5 years, from May 1969 to July 1974.

It is the longest, largest eruption in the eastern flank of Kilauea volcano for at least 2,200 years. The 1,774-day eruption created about 350 million m3 of lava to fill 140,000 Olympic swimming pools.

Lava towers often appear when bubbles form quickly and expand in molten rock, pushing the lava flow out. Typically, lava towers have a height of 10 – 100 meters, even some cases as high as 500 meters.

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