The mysterious circular stone in Africa

A photograph taken from the International Space Station shows a giant circular and reddish-brown rocky area that appears to the west of the black continent.

Huge red brown stone structure in Africa. (Photo: Andre Kiupers)

Space reported that Andre Kiupers, a Dutch astronaut working on ISS, pointed the camera at Mauritania when it flew through the Sahara desert on March 7 and saw strange rocks. Abrasion on many layers of stones creates circular edges and grooves. However, scientists from the US Aerospace Agency and the European Space Agency have not yet explained the origin of the rock.

In the process of working on ISS, astronauts regularly observe and record the globe to collect data for scientific research. They are constantly updating information on social networks, like Twitter and Google+, to share data with the public under the earth.

Some space agencies use photos taken by astronauts to attract students, students and astronomers into research activities.

Three Russians, two Americans and Kuipers are working on ISS. They are crew number 30 on the station.

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