The world’s first crop map from satellite imagery

Pakistan’s Tribune website on September 1 reported that Pakistan became the first country in the world to use satellite imagery to map crops.

Speaking on a local television channel, the Vice President of the University of Information Technology (ITU) and Chairman of the Punjab State Information Technology Board, Umar Saif, said the satellite used is the remote sensing satellite of He is called Sentinel-2A, 10m resolution, to determine the type of plant, the condition of the tree and the soil moisture to predict the growth process.

This data also helps the government develop appropriate agricultural policies.

According to Dr. Siaf, Google has previously provided black and white images with a resolution of 3m through data and GPS location collected from Android phone users.

With the introduction of Sentinel-2 A satellite, Pakistan will be completely proactive, regardless of any third party.

The Sentinel-2A satellite will fly over Pakistan once a week and provide 13-color images to help determine crop data, including seed quality, growth, disease, cultivated area, yield and operations. dynamic to the economy and determine the export potential of surplus production.

Dr. Saif added that the work is a product after 2 years of research and development and users can access it for free. This data also helps the government to develop agricultural policies. Insurance companies and agriculture can also benefit.

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