What will happen if the Earth … is twice as big as it is today?

With the densely populated population, there must be many people who wish that the size of the Earth could increase. But if the Earth actually doubled in size, what would happen?

1. Gravity

Lions will no longer be able to run fast enough to catch prey.

Suppose that the density of the Earth remains the same, only doubling the radius of the globe, which means increasing the planet’s mass by 8 times.

When the gravity of the Earth is also increased by 2 times, most plants will die very quickly. All animals that are larger or equal to the size of a dog will not be able to run, if not broken.

Great predators will no longer be able to run fast enough to catch their prey.

2. Day length

Temperature imbalance creates wind storms that flatten every building.

When the Earth is twice as big, the planet itself will rotate 32 times slower. A day instead of 24 hours as it is now, will last more than 1 month!

Accordingly, the temperature imbalance between the light and darkness of the planet is extremely large, creating wind storms that flatten every building.

3. Air pressure

Increased air pressure makes flying birds much easier than it is now.

If the atmosphere doubles in size, the air pressure will also increase twice. Human brains and other animals will need to pump more blood.

However, this is beneficial for birds, because they will fly much easier now.

4. Creating geological array

The volcano erupted, creating a powerful greenhouse effect like never before.

This will be the most terrible thing if the Earth “grows up”. Because the volume of radioactive elements in the coating increases, it makes magma hotter.

Hundreds of new volcanoes formed and erupted, injecting huge amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere, creating an unprecedented strong greenhouse effect. One of the biggest extinction events on Earth will happen without anything stopping.

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