How to detect UFOs near the Sun?

UFO hunters discovered a strange object near the Sun from a photograph recently taken by NASA. It was “something that looks like a metal spaceship with puzzle pieces together”.

The photo was taken on April 24 by NASA’s SOHO Sun Train. According to experienced UFOs, the ship seems to be rushing towards the Sun, the goal might be to recharge the solar energy for its journey.

UFOs are actually just an effect caused by cosmic magnetic particles on the camera’s sensor or dual-charged device (Photo: Livescience)

Taking questions to ask the leading group of solar physicists at the US Naval Laboratory (NRL), they initially conducted data analysis from Lasco 2, the expensive-capturing camera. This price.

According to engineer Nathan Rich, the actual “spacecraft” is merely a collection of remnants of cosmic rays that contain charged particles from space and rush through the sensors of the machine. photos, or CCDs, they will form such images.

The moment a cosmic ray passes through the image sensor, it creates a large amount of charged objects in the pixels it enters. At a slightly lower angle than the camera plane, it acts on the pixel along its direction. The result is a streak of light.

The camera placed on Earth is rarely disturbed by charged particles from space, because the Earth’s protective magnetic field has prevented them, Alfred McEwen, head of the Earth’s Planet and Moon Laboratory Learn Arizona, explain. “As for images taken outside space, the appearance of cosmic rays is quite common,” he added.

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