Virtual cocktails turn water into wine – think of drinking alcohol that turns into filtered water

A device called Vocktail (puns by combining Virtual and Cocktail) recently introduced is expected to bring a new revolution in the field of entertainment drinks.

The NewScientist, Vocktail was developed by Nimemsha Ranasinghe and colleagues at Singapore National University. This is a “virtual” cocktail that has the ability to change the taste of drinks inside through a mobile application. After pouring drinks (possibly cooled boiled water) into a glass, drinkers can use the mobile application to change the 3 elements that affect the taste of beverages:

This is a “virtual” cocktail that can change the taste of drinks.

The first is the color of the drink: the color of the drink in the glass will “fool” the user, making them think it is a specially prepared cocktail rather than ordinary water, which can be changed Through an integrated LED light at the bottom of the cup.

The second is palate: you can make it more sweet, salty, or bitter … through tongue-stimulating electrodes that are attached around the rim. Each different stimulation method will make drinkers feel different tastes.

Finally, the taste: a small tube on the side of the glass will secrete gases with different flavors, such as lemon scent, to “trick” people into taking one more step.

Previously, Ranasinghe used to create a “digital” lemonade that uses colors and electrodes to deceive the drinker’s senses. With Vocktail, he added another element of flavor to be able to create “virtual” drinks with a wider variety of flavor combinations.

Future “virtual” drinks will probably make you think you are drinking something sweet and sweet, fragrant, but actually … just drink cool boiled water. As a result, drinkers will be able to satisfy their own tastes without worrying about alcoholic drinks that are intoxicating, or high in calories, causing obesity …

In particular, Vocktail’s mobile application can also allow users to share their “virtual” cocktail recipes with friends to enjoy together.

Vocktail is said to be an important part of the human virtual reality experience, where all senses can be stimulated through digital data.

Adalberto Simeone at Catholic University of Leuven (Belgium) commented: “Vocktail will be a great social experience in virtual bars or pubs.”

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