Leaving the wallet in the back pocket is the cause of back pain

The truth is that men today use almost every wallet. Not only is it to store money, but sometimes it’s an extremely important accessory to modern gentlemen.

Putting the wallet into the back pocket of the pants is a very common practice and most men have this habit. In addition to causing inconvenience when moving, when sitting, scientists also pointed out that the habit of removing the wallet into the back pocket is also one of the causes of back pain and sciatica – a disease also No less popular in today’s life.

Back pain and sciatica, the causes

According to statistics, there are 70-80% of people in the world suffering from back pain or sciatica, at least once in their lives. Sciatica is a constant pain along the sciatic path: from the lumbar spine spreading to the thigh, to the ankle of the ankle outside and can spread to the toes. Normal back pain is a broader concept, including pain in the upper back, back or lower back.

There are many causes of common back pain, including: nerves, muscle tension, disc herniation and arthritis, etc. However, for lower back pain, the specific causes more likely, due to intense and intense sports, heavy labor, sitting or sleeping in a wrong position for many hours, sprains or tendon strain. The distinction of lower back pain and sciatica is not easy and even misdiagnosis between the two diseases.

The consequence of keeping wallet in the back pocket

Doctors have shown that one of the most common causes of back pain in men (even when they are young) is due to the habit of putting the wallet into the back pocket and sitting on it while working. , driving, … for a long time. This action forces the center of the body, pelvis and spine to deviate from the normal position. It is the wallet that rises on the buttock which is the most important reason for sciatica or back pain in general.

Leaving the wallet in the back pocket is the cause of back pain

As you can see in the illustration above, the wallet is thick on the bottom of the buttocks, causing the pelvis to be unbalanced and the back vertebrae are also twisted to the side. When you put your wallet underneath and sit on it, your body will adjust the posture of the spine and related bones to keep your head in a vertical position. This posture, if maintained for a long time, will compress the sciatic nerve, leading to pain. Although this disease does not affect life, but creates discomfort and annoyance in human life.

Therefore, doctors recommend that you move your wallet to another location or leave it outside when you are at work, driving, etc. to prevent this unhealthy habit. Here are a few more tips and advice from doctors to help you improve symptoms of back pain, sciatica, …

Sleeping in a wrong position will lead to or increase symptoms of back pain. Never lie on your stomach because it will put pressure on your neck, spine and back. The doctor recommends lying on your back or possibly a lying position to help you feel as comfortable as possible. At the same time, choose the best and most suitable mattress for your spine.
When you wake up, don’t wake up immediately. Take 1 to 2 minutes to fully stretch your body before moving.
Regular exercise can help maintain muscle health, joint flexibility and reduce the risk of stress, pinching due to physical activity.
Do not try to lift heavy objects by bending your back. Apply posture to lift heavy objects properly to avoid bad impact on the lower back.
Do not stretch your body over level.
Protect your back even when moving heavy objects.
Adjust proper sitting posture to ensure back and bone health.
Smoking causes blood to reduce the ability to carry oxygen to the body, reducing the flexible performance of the disk. Therefore, tobacco is also one of the culprits leading to inflammation and lower back pain.
Standing still for a long time also leads to back pain. Therefore, you should change your focus regularly and relax, especially with your feet. If you do jobs that require continuous standing, sit down as soon as possible.
Good control of body weight is also a way to control back pain symptoms in the long run.
The stretched back movements help the back become flexible, supple, sturdy and significantly reduce injury if any.
If your back pain lasts for a few consecutive days, you should go directly to the doctor to get the right and timely advice.

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