Why should people hug each other?

Hugs help bond emotions, improve mood and prevent colds.

A hug not only brings a warm feeling but is also very beneficial for your mood, Business Insider reports. Many studies have shown an association between hugging and the production of love hormone oxytocin. Besides reducing blood pressure, hugging also helps you prevent colds in the winter.

In Plos One magazine, researchers from Carnegie Mellon University (USA) concluded that hugging makes physical and mental health and relationships improved remarkably. Previously, the team interviewed 404 adults in 14 days about their conflicts, number of visits and moods. As a result, even when there is disagreement, people with intimate physical contact often feel happy and this lasts until the next day. In addition, people with good relationships tend to hug more. The variety of personality and how to handle disagreement also lead to more positive emotions after embracing.

People with good relationships tend to hug more. (Photo: Zun Zun).

According to psychologist Michael Murphy, the lead author of the study, the most specific answer about time, audience and effective hug is still unknown. Even so, it seems that the goodwill embrace of the two sides shows moral support for those who have problems with relationships. Moreover, you should make your partner feel like you are really listening instead of trying to understand their feelings.

Note, not everyone likes to hug. According to TIME, the psychologist Darcia Narvaez explained this phenomenon may be due to the incomplete development of the vagus nerve, so the lack of sympathy or close proximity to the oxytocin production system is less complete.

“People who are open to physical contacts are often more confident,” Ms. Narvaez said. “On the contrary, people with social anxiety are hesitant to show affection through embracing, even if the other person is a friend. Avoid hugging sometimes warning signs of autism.”

Some people need a lot of time to feel comfortable when hugging or even avoiding this action. However, in general, hugs will bring many benefits to you.

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