Uber signed a contract to develop flight taxi software with NASA

Uber is taking a step forward to plan the trial of electric auto-flying taxis in Los Angeles by 2020.

Uber is implementing a “flying taxi” plan through signing a development contract with NASA.

Uber’s vision to make taxi rides can be realized in 2020. (Photo: Uber).

Uber director Jeff Holden announced a new service contract at Lisbon’s Web-Web Summit annual event series, and proposed testing a four-seat, 200-mph UberAir taxi service across Los Angeles in 2020. This is considered the second test market, after Dallas.

Uber said that a full-time taxi using electric fuel and a trip during peak hours of 80 minutes could be reduced to only 4 minutes. Uber plans to provide some form of airline service operation for the Los Angeles Olympics in 2028. However, some experts are still concerned about whether auto-taxi has actually become a reality.

Holden said: “To implement this plan safely and effectively requires a fundamental change in airspace management technology. The professional combination of Uber’s software technology with decades of experience NASA’s space operation experience will be an important step forward. ”

Uber will partner with 5 manufacturers specializing in the production of new types of take-off and straight landing aircraft. This year, Uber hired two NASA experts, Mark Moore and Tom Prevot, to run an aircraft design team and an air traffic management software program.

Uber also contracted with Sanstone Properties to plan to build “airports” for taxi stops.

Currently, Uber is facing many legal issues in the process of operating worldwide with safety concerns. The company said it is working to change its operating practices to comply with regulations in the US and Europe and soon achieved approval for taxi operations.

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