The scientific world when finding out the “cosmic fever” is dangerous for astronauts

Science always seeks to minimize human risks when it comes to space. And recently, they have another problem with headache, because the disease is called “cosmic fever”.

All research on astronautics must be based on a prerequisite, which is to ensure safety for astronauts. Of course, because no one would naturally pick up Mars if they knew that it would certainly bring the disease, even die there.

Currently, space travel is still facing many problems. Staying too long in the universe will cause muscle atrophy, decreased vision, and even change the genetic structure.

The universe has always been a dangerous place.

And according to a recent study from the University of Charité Medical School (Berlin), science has another problem that needs to be concerned about the body in a micro-gravity environment. Accordingly, astronauts seem to have higher body temperature (CBT) than those on Earth.

Specifically, the difference falls to about 1 ° C (1.8 ° F) after astronauts stay in space for about two and a half months.

The study is published in Scientific Reports, and they call this heating phenomenon “cosmic fever”.

Only 1 ° C, but it’s a scary problem

The basic human body temperature is 37 ° C, and it only increases when something goes wrong – it is sick. What controls body temperature is the hypothalamus, so when the body temperature changes, this brain region is having problems.

The body temperature is too high, you will have a thermal shock; too low, hypothermia appears. Both of these diseases can destroy organs. Fortunately, our body temperature will be balanced by sweat glands and through the ability of the blood to circulate.

But according to this study, in micro-gravity environment, the regulation of heat will become more difficult, especially to lower the body temperature. Sweating is also more difficult, because sweat will collect and cling to the body. Only the way to use a towel.

Also, astronauts’ body temperature after a period of time will be higher than normal, and this may be part of the reason for “cosmic fever”. In addition, it seems that the body reacts to mistaken micro-gravity environments with some harmful factors for the body, such as infection, radiation, psychological stress …

When hypothermia becomes difficult, astronauts are at greater risk of exhaustion when exercising in the universe. In fact, astronauts’ body temperature may exceed 40 ° C after exercise. If the cooling down time is too long, they will be in danger.

According to experts, this study was launched with the desire to enhance the safety for astronauts to perform long-term tasks, especially to conquer Mars in the next few years.

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