The “cold” infection of the funeral will easily carry the disease?

Many people abstain from ghosts when the body is weak, especially young children, the elderly and weak, pregnant women because they are afraid of getting cold from the dead will get sick. There are also many people who consider this superstitious, unreliable. So what this is really damaged?

Taboo when you go to a funeral

The cold air infection of the dead is a very frightening thing to the people because it is thought to be the cause of illness.

Should I believe in the same time or the same date when I die? Is there any way or medicine to neutralize the smell of death? Are weak people easy to get sick when going to a funeral? These questions stem from the anxiety of the living, believing in the consequences of not abstaining from or abstaining from “abstaining from good”.

According to the medical definition, death is actually a condition of cardiac arrest, apnea, and brain death, the body activities are suspended and irreversibly, the energy no longer produces and the body temperature decreases. When death actually occurs, oxidation ends, the body begins to change due to decomposition. Then there are two stages that occur:

 When dying, oxidation ceases, the body begins to change due to decomposition. When death, oxidation stops, the body begins to change due to decomposition.

Early transformation: lasts 8-10 hours after death. Simultaneously with the external hardening phenomenon, the inside of the intestine due to the absence of protective factors, germs and parasites will proliferate, causing the phenomenon of decomposing tissue and rots, abdomen abdomen, corpse arrest Top smelly.

Late change: Being after 10 hours onwards, gas-producing fermenting bacteria cause the whole body to swell, deformed face, rotting organs, rotten fluids from natural holes …

It is the course of a normal body dying due to aging. If death due to accident injury, infection, or death in war conditions …, the decomposition time will be earlier, greatly affecting the environment of the living people if they are slow to handle and shroud. Thus, with the case of old age, the concept that some people have to stay away from the “coincide” age is only superstition, but in case of death due to disease, especially infections … then quick shroud, requiring some people with weak resistance to stay away from science.

Young children, people with chronic diseases such as rheumatism, high blood pressure … are easily affected by their immune system is not high. Young children, people with chronic diseases such as rheumatism, high blood pressure … easily affected by their immune system is not high.

The ancient people are still afraid of the cold at the newcomer’s house, this is a real phenomenon. The phenomenon of being sick due to being caught in cold is also common, especially for those who have low leprosy, high blood pressure … In fact, “cold steam” is a sign of environmental infection caused by scattering corpses . In order to prevent disease, physicians often recommend people with weak resistance such as the elderly, young children, pregnant women, people who are sick or have chronic diseases … should avoid going to funerals.

Some places are available at the entrance to a kiln that burns grapefruit shells and dandelions to eliminate the air pollution. In terms of features, the heat of coal and the smell of pomelos, pelicans can support environmental antiseptic, help the body temperature to attend the funeral to stabilize, the possibility of infection so less. Many people often take raw ginger, drink garlic wine, water and soot … before and after the funeral. This is also good for health because these foods have many medicinal properties that enhance the body’s resistance.

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