Japan tested the urine test for cancer detection

Japan will be the first country to test a urine test to help detect cancer, one of the methods that is expected to be helpful for early detection of the disease.

From 2 years ago, Japan’s leading technology corporation Hitachi developed the basic technology to detect breast cancer and colon cancer by using urine samples.

Hitachi’s technology focuses on the components of the patient’s urine sample and considers these biological signs to help detect the disease.

The main purpose of the measure is to help detect cancer earlier.

The main purpose of the measure is to help detect cancer earlier, extend the life of the patient and reduce the cost of health care and social services.

Hitachi will work with Nagoya University in Central Japan to begin testing new methods this month and last until September. About 250 urine samples will be used to see at room temperature of urine samples. Is this suitable for analysis or not.

Spokesperson Hitachi Corporation Chiharu Odaira said that if this method could be put into practice, it would be much more convenient for people to conduct cancer screening tests without having to go to the muscles. Health department for blood test.

This method can also be used to detect early childhood cancers, a group of patients who are afraid of taking blood. Hitachi expects to bring this technology into practice in the 2020s.

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