Simple breathing techniques help you relieve psychological stress right away

Stress leads to headaches, losing your temper. Only by practicing simple breathing, can you relieve your mind, taking mental balance quickly.

Stress is the way our body responds to any threat it thinks will negatively affect itself. However, it itself affects the mental and physical health of people with stress.

There are many ways to manage and reduce the impact of stress but in this article, we want to introduce a new way, a breathing technique called “box breathing” (also called “square” breath). ).

“Box breathing” is a technique that helps manage stress according to the breathing rhythm, helps relieve stress, clears the mind, relaxes the body and improves concentration.

Why is the “box breathing” technique good for health?

“Breathe box” also helps improve agility and positive, positive spirit.

Do you know that stress is easiest when you’re in a resting and digestive state? At this time, the body always feels threatened and it forms a mechanism to respond to that worry.

In this way, stress is activated and if prolonged, it will negatively affect our body. Stress increases the risk of headache, heart attack, high blood pressure and stroke.

Therefore, if you use the “box breathing” method at rest or eating times, you will feel much better.

The benefits that “box breathing” technology brings

Reduce symptoms of physical stress

A study of participants on “box breathing” showed that they had lower cortisol levels (hormones that lead to stress, fatigue) and higher ability to concentrate than normal people.

Improve concentration and quickness of the brain

Besides helping to improve concentration, “box breathing” also helps improve agility and positive, positive spirit. One of the studies has shown that this deep breathing technique is useful in reducing stress and treating depression.

Control of stress risks

This technique also appears to be useful in controlling and modifying some of the body’s reactions, most notably how to deal with hazards (the cause of stress).

So how to practice “breathing box”?

Steps to perform lumped breathing techniques. (Photo: LIifehack).

This breathing technique is actually very simple. You can follow the instructions below:

Sitting on a chair with a comfortable backrest.

Close your eyes and slowly breathe through your nose while counting to 4.

Hold your breath again while the next 4 beats.

Exhale for 4 more beats.

Repeat these steps for 5 minutes, you will see the tension quickly retreat.

Attention when practicing “box breathing”

Although simple but to achieve the effects studied, you should also follow some of these considerations when practicing deep breathing techniques:

Practice in a quiet space, without distractions.

Relax muscles to focus on the feeling of stretching of the stomach. But do not force the stomach muscles to exhale.

When inhaling, try to feel the air flow.

Deep breathing techniques can be quite difficult for first time performers. So instead of 4 beats, you can start from 3 beats.

Experts also advise you the best time to practice this breathing technique is after getting up or after returning home from work. You will feel very positive changes immediately after 5 minutes of practice.

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