Science proves: Men with big belly are new love of the new era

Gone are the days when men have to be muscular, muscular, 6 packs. Now, you like people who have a little fat.

Since ancient Greece, men’s image in society has always been built with a common denominator: angular, muscular, strong and extremely healthy. Even in modern society, the six-pack belly boys, brawny muscles still always make women admire dreams.

However, it seems that that view is no longer true. According to a recent study, muscular muscular men are no longer too attractive to women, but instead are slightly fat guys with a tummy-tipped belly.

Leonardo DiCaprio has a “slimy” body and charm.

This is a study by Planet Fitness – one of the largest fitness companies in the world. Experts here conducted a survey on more than 2,000 people, to see what type of body they like best.

And the results were surprising when 70% of women said they liked guys who had about a dozen pounds. According to a study published in 2015 in the Washington Post, 37% of men aged 20-54 years in the US are having that type of body. In other words, these “charming beer belly” guys are making up a very large proportion in today’s society.

Back in the study, 78% of women said that those who were slightly overweight often had a self-confident appearance, and 4: 5 frank mothers admitted that they would feel very proud if they could marry such a man.

What’s happening?

The appeal of big belly belly men is not really related to aesthetic issues. According to research by anthropology professor Richard Bribiescas from Yale University in 2016, the answer is more related to biology and evolution.

Bribiescas argued that a slightly overweight man turned out to be better in health than the athletic muscular guy. The reason is that weight gain may be due to a drop in the level of testosterone sex hormone, which inadvertently helps the immune system improve better. And from there, children born also have good health and longer life.

“When the body is no longer slim, men will have to buy more spacious, comfortable pants, and that’s good for health. This is also essential for survival, and it seems that mothers feel need that “- Bribiescas explained.

According to Bribiescas, this is also the reason why young women like the “good” stage, but when they want to get married, they will not pay much attention to the aesthetic problem of the other.

Note: it’s big, don’t be too big …

But please note: a bit overweight, a slightly bulging abdomen, not obesity with a belly like a farrowing pregnant woman. Science has shown that having too much excess fat can cause many unhealthy consequences – including obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

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