Explain the science behind the pregnant woman’s curious appetite

There are many interesting scientific explanations to explain the phenomenon of pregnant women craving miserable things like raw meat, lemon, pickles …

Up to 50-90% of pregnant women have a craving for something including things that are not nutritious and even very odd (Artwork).

1. Chew cold ice

Many pregnant women love chewing stones. A scientific explanation is that pregnant women with anemia seem to like chewing stones as this can help relieve mouth and tongue inflammation (a common symptom of anemia).

2. Chocolate, sweet candy

Many pregnant women crave for sweets and chocolate.

Chocolate or any sweet thing is something that pregnant women often feel lacking. According to a study published in 2014 on Frontiers in Psychology, women who are pregnant with a chocolate appetite because it is “banned” and in fact are more banned, the more we want to eat it. .

3. Spicy food

Pregnant women crave hot spicy foods when their immune systems are weakened.

The reason why pregnant women like to eat hot spicy dishes is because they can help the body to sweat and thus help cool their bodies. However, Kristen N.Burris, an acupuncturist, said that based on the understanding of traditional Chinese medicine and proven theories from thousands of years and from billions of women, she elected to crave hot spicy food when their immune system weakened.

4. Pickles

Many people think pregnant women like to eat pickles because they lack salt. But in fact, there is no scientific evidence to prove this. The pregnant woman likes to eat this dish because it has a bit crispy, sour and fresh taste.

5. French fries

Like pickles, pregnant women like to eat french fries because they are salty because their bodies lack salt. But sometimes it is simply because you want to eat something salty, crunchy and crispy and you think of the potato chips.

6. Fruits

Fruits such as grapes or watermelons will provide the mother and baby with the necessary amount of vitamin C.

Fruit cravings may be due to low blood sugar levels of pregnant women. Desire that babies are born healthy and qualified, sometimes a mother’s body needs nutritional supplements to make sure that happens. And fruits like fresh grapes or watermelons will provide the body and baby with the amount of vitamin C needed.

7. Lemon

It’s not hard to see a pregnant woman eating a lemon or adding a ton of lemon juice to their glass of water. In fact, during pregnancy, your taste buds often change a lot and simply want to “shock” your taste buds with very spicy or very sour foods.

8. Cream, milk

According to the International Organization for Mother and Child Health, pregnant women crave ice cream or other dairy products is a sign that their calcium levels are low. Moreover, the sweet, cool, fatty cream with lots of delicious flavors that every pregnant woman can spend hours enjoying them.

9. Beans and green vegetables

These pregnant women crave these things due to magnesium deficiency.

These pregnant women crave these things due to magnesium deficiency. These are foods that provide essential nutrients for the body, including magnesium and fiber, so mothers are free to enjoy these foods without worrying.

10. Red meat

Red meat is a meat rich in protein and iron that many pregnant women crave. The important thing is that moms can skip lean back and choose buttocks or loin to eat.

11. Salt

An increase in blood volume may change your salt intake needs. If during your pregnancy, you crave salt, stay away from the salts used in processed foods because it may exceed the daily salt needs of pregnant women and even contain ingredients. Other unwanted.

12. Vinegar

Many women when pregnant with cravings such as salted pickle, salted potatoes and even some people drink vinegar. Just like eating lemon, this is a “shocking” act of taste and can relieve nausea during morning sickness.

13. Combine strange foods

There are dishes that help pregnant women relive the warm and peaceful feeling.

There are pregnant women who combine pickles with peanut butter or olives with cream. According to a scientific study, this may be the result of finding food they eat from a young age and not being too worried because this is perfectly normal.

14. What kind of food brings comfort

If during your pregnancy you crave to eat homemade cake and cheese or a dish you eat on a special occasion like Tet or Christmas, don’t worry. It may not have any relevance to the nutritional needs of the body but simply helps you recall the warm and peaceful feeling.

15. Foods that cannot be eaten

If you crave chalk, dirt, or anything that is not food during pregnancy during pregnancy, see your doctor. This may indicate a woman’s iron deficiency, but it can also be very dangerous because the things you’re craving aren’t food. Ask your doctor to listen to what your body is trying to say.

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