“Super cells” defeat cancer, infection and aging

A group of leading scientists in the United States is starting a large-scale project to edit human cell genes to create virus-resistant “super cells”.

People are suffering from many diseases: multidrug-resistant viruses, cancer, radiation, climate change; as well as always longing to be young, long-lived. The Genome Project focuses on many of America’s leading geneticists looking to deal with those worries. They claim to work hard to create miracles within a decade.

Will gene technology help people defeat infections, cancer and aging? – (Photo: SHUTTERSTOCK).

Using the famous gene editing technology CRISPR, aspiring scientists make 400,000 changes in human DNA to create “super cells” or “super-safe cells”, immune to weaknesses. Top Hazard Factors in Life

One of the scientists leading the project – Professor George Church (Harvard Medical School) said they tested on E. coli bacteria. A new E.coli variety has been successfully regenerated and has extremely strong antiviral activity after 321 changes were made on the genome.

But the process of decoding and altering genomes of plants or mammals will be much more difficult. To do this in humans, they have to perform 400,000 corrective actions to remove excess codons from 20,000 human genes. That’s why they need a decade. This is not too long a time for such a difficult job.

This remote-sounding technology will be applied in dealing with incurable diseases, risks in the energy, chemical, agricultural and biological processes, according to Professor Jef Boeke, Director. Director of the Institute of Genetic Systems at Langone Medical Center.

Making resistant cells to viruses can also be the answer to the crisis of antibiotic resistance that humans are facing.

In addition, making cells resistant to both the natural aging process, freezing or radiation will help people get closer to the dream of having a long-lasting spring, longevity and living in Harsh, polluted environments where the body is not compromised.

Women store the DNA of every man they have ever had sex with

To scientists also have to identify women as difficult to understand, more complicated than we thought.

According to a study conducted by Seattle University and Fred Huntchinson Cancer Research Center, women store and carry the DNA of every man she has ever had sex with.

This is purely a random discovery. Scientists were looking for ways to determine if the woman was pregnant with her son, whether the child had a common neurological disease in men.

The woman’s brain is more mysterious than we think.

But when studying women’s brains, this study began to follow a completely different direction: It turned out that the woman’s brain was more mysterious than we thought. I still know women are hard to understand, but it turns out things don’t just stop there.

Scientists have found that a woman’s brain often appears to be “male microchimerism”, essentially, that the presence of male DNA comes from another individual, marked Genetic differences are different from all other cells in a woman’s body.

According to the study, “63% of women tested (37 out of 59 people) have male microenvironment in the brain. This phenomenon occurs in many parts of the brain”.

The phenomenon of male chimera occurs in many parts of the brain.

Where can male DNA cells come from? It is impossible to come from that girl’s father, because his father’s DNA binds to his mother’s DNA to create the unique, unique DNA of an individual. So where can this DNA come from?

Through this study, scientists believe that DNA in a woman’s brain comes from conceiving a boy. It is a safe conclusion and does not offend anyone. However, it is these scientists who do not fully believe in what they have concluded.

They think so because screening shows that the brains of women who have never been pregnant, not to mention pregnant babies, still show traces of DNA cells from men. They draw the final conclusion, giving four male DNA cell sources that can be inserted into a woman’s body:

Once a miscarriage that woman may not know.

A twin brother has been dissipated during the process in the womb.

Coming from pregnancy.
Coming from sex.
Men’s DNA cells that appear in a woman’s body are more likely to come from sex.

At the end of the conclusion, the scientists say more research is needed to determine the origin of this male bird microbe phenomenon.

We have 63% of women tested with this phenomenon. In the above four possibilities, the first 3 are very unlikely, so the 63% figure is indeed difficult to achieve. So we have a fourth possibility: male DNA cells that appear in a woman’s body are more likely to come from sex.

The women participating in this trial are older. Some people have carried men’s DNA for more than 50 years.

Thinking a bit, this is also reasonable. Sperm are living cells. When in any way, the body can swim, go into the blood and finally be stored in the woman’s brain.

But it seems that not everyone. Tests show that only 63% of women appear male microcropping phenomenon!

But it can still be concluded that women are difficult to understand, both their minds, their minds and their bodies.

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