This small robot will revolutionize agriculture

According to experts, robots can help reduce hazardous waste from farming activities such as pesticides and help harvest crops, but they will not soon have commercial versions in the next few years.

The benefits of using robots in agriculture have long been confirmed when it frees labor, reduces pesticide use and helps reduce the discharge of by-products to the environment.

In the UK, a type of insecticide spraying robot is being developed, which could become a tool to revolutionize agriculture when officially put into widespread use. However, scientists say their products are hard to commercialize and the best scenario is that it will take 3 years before robots come out on a large scale.

Robot spraying pesticides in the UK

The new type of insecticide spraying robot being developed is small in size, suitable for small fields with little budget to invest in high technology. In addition, this robot has revolutionized the insecticide spraying activity, which is being done in a “spray and pray” style that has been used for a long time.

The current, non-focused, inaccurate pesticide spraying pattern makes 95 to 99% of pesticides and herbicides in fact waste, causing environmental pollution. Not only polluting, the widespread spraying of pesticides promotes the resistance of pests and weeds to make plant protection chemicals fast and ineffective, making farmers People must increase the amount of toxic substances used in agriculture.

Some insecticides sprayed “spray and pray” also make pollinators like bees and butterflies unknowingly become victims and banned from being used to protect the environment in some countries.

“Farmers have been under a lot of pressure and sprayed with pesticides for many years. Some spray in desperation. Some of the pesticides they use have been resistant to enemy species. They will not kill them when spraying but kill other insects like pollinators, “said Toby Bruce, professor of ecology, Insect Chemistry at Keele University.

Professor Simon Blackmore, the head of the team that created the new insecticide spraying robot, said that with the use of less drugs, directly spraying on the target area with 100% control of the robot will help network agriculture. Using such spraying robots will reduce the amount of pesticides used when cultivating, prevent insects from attacking crops, avoid killing pollinators and reduce the likelihood of drug-resistant pests.

Not only spraying, this robot also discovered deformed, slow-growing vegetables … helping farmers actively remove these surplus products before harvesting, thereby increasing product quality. as well as increasing productivity.

Tesla’s electric truck: without rearview mirror, running 800km on a single charge

Tesla proved that they make trucks as beautiful as four-seat cars.

The Tesla’s loader is a large, fierce, and more like “highway driver” – its black border is identified by The Verge as Darth Vader in Star Wars. But this is exactly what we expect from Tesla, they created a truck of the future with the shape of the future.

The truck of the future with the shape of the future.

The Verge was lucky enough to sit in the car for hours before the official launch, at Tesla’s facility in Hawthorne, California. It gives a feeling of “cool” unlike any giant truck, which two display screens and glass doors surround make us feel like we are controlling a device from the future. The seat is placed in the middle of the car to make the feeling a bit strange, and the position of the steering wheel is different, because the truck does not need a safety airbag.

It is not known if Tesla’s trucks have “changed the current truck market”, but it is clear that Tesla’s design made it clear that they wanted to do so. They are willing to do differently, opening an event to prove it. They applied a scenario like the old Tesla Model 3, which made the whole world excited about the new product, the mass media and Tesla / Elon Musk fans crazy.

Elon Musk wants to change the current truck market.

Musk has done it skillfully. The truck market is only aimed at a small number of customers, but people still come to see this new truck, because it runs electricity and it comes from Tesla. Until now, the arrival of Tesla trucks was still overwhelmed by two other Musk projects: SpaceX’s recycling missiles and The Boring Company ‘s underground tunnels. But these are also two examples that remind people: Elon Musk’s truck is not trivial.

Musk appeared, introduced his new car, promising that the Class 8 Heavy Duty will run 500 miles – 800km to charge. He also promised a self-driving system and that at least it would be semi-automatic.

Hours before the main launch event, Tesla showed journalists to attend to not only one, but two different Tesla trucks: one is the base model, and the other is the advertised version. aerodynamic version. Reporter The Verge recounted that just before the launch, Tesla staff was anxious and anxious to run around the yard to prepare for the final stages. Stressful, stressful moments.

Cockpit of Tesla truck.

And at that moment, the truck Tesla appeared with smooth lines. When compared to trucks running internal combustion engines, it is clear that Tesla’s truck is more elegant, with large panels covering the electric motor inside. The front cover of the car is a storage space and also the way inside the car to fix. The open door is similar to the Model 3.

Beneath the cockpit is a battery that provides power to the whole car, the steering-wheel-in-the-seat seat is judged to be slightly more forward-looking, compared to other trucks. After the cockpit are two electric axles, with all four such axes. The design of the car makes its focus lower than other gasoline vehicles. According to reviews, this may help the car to be more stable when running at high speed.

Inside the cockpit, the driver’s seat is in the middle, right behind and to the right it has two seats for the passenger to accompany. Inside the spacious, walkable cockpit – this Tesla tried to do after asking other truck drivers. The car has no sleeping space, but in the future, Tesla will add.

Tesla promises in the future, the car will have more functions, through software updates.

Two display screens are mounted on either side of the steering wheel. The left side is used to control the functions of the vehicle, with functions to control the rear of the vehicle. The one on the right to see the map, control the radio. Tesla promises in the future, the car will have more functions, through software updates.

These two screens also serve as the rearview mirrors of the car, through two observation cameras on either side of the vehicle. Tesla said that will also be part of the autopilot system later on. This allows easier control of the middle of the car.

After this premiere, it is clear that Tesla wants to change the design of the truck which was so boring for many years. After all, they are not alone in the electric truck industry. Companies like Cummins and Daimler have also announced their own electric truck projects.

Tesla has put his own things into something they have never done before

Through vehicle design, Tesla has put his own things into something they have never done before.

The time when this Tesla truck was not really good for the company, Tesla’s latest model – a four-seater Model 3 – was not produced properly: only 500,000 customers paid $ 1,000 for it, received Get your reserved car. Musk has also admitted that production is stagnant due to many problems at the factory.

But there’s no denying what Tesla did, they decided to enter a new industry and put more life into it. Through vehicle design, Tesla has put his own things into something they have never done before. They can prove what they can do with heavy, good transport vehicles like the way they do with regular four-seater cars.

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