Detect “abnormal heat zone” in the Atlantic Ocean

NASA satellite images show that an unusual heat region in the middle of the Atlantic made speculation a lot of speculation.

This finding is extracted from the NPP Soumi remote sensing satellite image in the South American and adjacent oceans. Accordingly, data from the infrared radiation sensor VIIRS shows that in addition to thousands of heat sources identified by red dots, there is a water area off the Atlantic Ocean that shows similar signs. This makes many people question big about where this unusual heat source comes from?

A photo from NASA satellite has an area of ​​unusual heat (circled in red).

“What’s that? We do not know what it is? There is a different source of heat from the water, ”Tyler Glockner, a youtuber, discovered a special heat source.

Shortly after posting his video, Tyler Glockner’s Youtube channel attracted nearly 100,000 views. Some comments suggest that this is an underground military base area, some claim that it is an area with a Russian or Chinese nuclear submarine anchored.

Scientists find these hypotheses unconvincing. However, scientists are also confused when determining the geographic location of the area where the heat source is too special.

“A fire cannot burn in the middle of the ocean. Nor are there any volcanoes operating nearby. It may be related to Allen’s belt of death causing anomalies related to heat sources in satellite images, ”said Patricia Olivia, a scientist from Universidad Mayor University (Chi Le).

Van Allen Radiation Belt (Van Allen Radiation Belt) is a large radiation belt that surrounds the outer Earth. Van Allen is made up of bodies and solar radiation molecules that carry charge from the upper atmosphere of the sun and stars. The position of Van Allen belt at an altitude of 12 -60 thousand km, surrounding the entire Earth’s surface.

Given the speculation about the special heat source area, Wilfrid Schroeder, who is responsible for the VIIRS infrared radiation sensor, said in fact we could see one or two of the fire detectors. This fake one night so nothing so special as many rumors.

How does the Egyptian manipulate the mummy coffin?

After conducting mummification, the dead body was placed in elaborate and sophisticated coffins. To make the coffins to preserve mummies, the ancient Egyptians used the best materials.

Ancient Egyptians believed in the existence of the afterlife. Therefore, they preserved the corpse of the deceased person intact so that the dead could continue living in the underworld.

The embalmed casket is usually made of wood.

Accordingly, after conducting mummification, the dead body was placed in the coffin before being taken to burial. Usually, the ancient Egyptians made coffins containing mummies in the shape of a human in two-posture posture or rectangular boxes. These coffins are usually made of wood. Occasionally, some cases are buried in coffins made of granite. The coffins made from this material remain intact after thousands of years.

Both the inside and outside of the coffin lid have hieroglyphs bearing different messages and meanings. The pictograms on the coffin contain the following contents: the name and position / position of the deceased; list of burial items; a false door so that the dead can step into the afterlife and the eyes so that the dead can see everything happening outside.

In addition, ancient Egyptian coffins were also decorated with images of gods such as Anubis, Isis, Nephthys, Nut, Osiris, four sons of the god Horus … Egyptians ancient times also engraved prayers for the dead to send to the gods on the coffin.

The coffins of ancient Egypt were also decorated with images of the gods.

Depending on the wealth of the deceased, the deceased relative can bury the deceased in 1, 2 or 3 different coffins. Leaf gold is also used to decorate the exterior of the coffin for dead people from the aristocracy, royal members to show their wealth.

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