For the first time “production” is artificial nerves

For the first time in the world, researchers have simulated the complexity of the human sensory nervous system to create artificial nerves that transmit sensory information.

This good news comes from researchers at Stanford University (USA) and Seoul National University.

According to Assoc. Lee Tae-Woo, this work uses very small but extremely flexible electronic components. When we touch, a sensor cluster will convert this tiny pressure into an electrical signal that moves along electronic neurons to transistors simulated by human neurons.

The artificial nerve is connected to motor nerves where the cockroach leg causes it to contract.

This system of devices can accurately distinguish different sensory levels by identifying pressure points corresponding to different characters such as in braille systems. Even when connected to the motor nerves of a cockroach, only the slightest pressure causes the insect to reflect causing muscle contraction!

Researchers say this artificial nervous system is still improving and in just a few years will make artificial arms and legs feel. Although it is only the first step, the program will continue with the creation of an artificial skin to cover the prosthesis or even cover the robots.

They also note that the skin is a biological system with complexity that is not underestimated, because thanks to interference with the brain, both are involved in detecting perceptions and making processing decisions.

This is good news for those who have to wear prosthetic limbs, because their prosthetic limbs will soon get a sense of touch.

What is laughter and how is it dangerous?

Laughter is a laughing gas, the chemical name is Dinitrogen monoxide or nitrous oxide, a chemical compound with the N2O formula. When pumped into balloons, called jokes (funkyball).

Only recently introduced to Vietnam, but the ball quickly became a trend that young people love even consider it as a hobby when going to a nightclub, take a breath you will laugh non-stop.

What is laughter?

At nightclubs in Hanoi, it is not difficult to find laughter because they are sold secretly “openly” here to serve the players.

The funny ball, also known as Funkyball, is one of the trends that are being enjoyed by young people in many countries in the world including Vietnam today, they consider it a hobby to relieve stress.

Laughter is not a medicine or game, it’s just ordinary balloons, but being pumped with nitrous oxide and the user’s job is just “blowing” and “inhaling” – “sniffing” and ” blow”.

These balloons are pumped by a seller with a specialized pump. After that, the buyer will hold the ball to inhale the gas, and the air is also when the ball collapses. Nitrous oxide gas spreads, infiltrating into the body will create a sense of excitement, creating a hallucinating illusion for users.

How harmful is a laugh?

It looks like normal, but playing and inhaling laughter vapor contains many dangers. Known in some European countries, this substance is a stimulant that is legally sold at nightclubs.

When you inhale the laughter, the player will feel refreshed and laugh out of control, then completely immersed in the illusion, the delusion about everything around.

Doctors around the world have also warned that laughter or laughs directly affect the cardiovascular system, the nervous system, which has the worst consequences if abuse is leading to depression or death. Breathe in this feeling of numbness, especially listening to clear music, then excited, laughing and tilting.

Called laughter because this ball has no other effect than the ability to laugh, laugh and laugh long. Just inhale, you’ll quickly laugh, laugh and uncontrollably laugh.

According to the press, in 2010, American actor Demi Moore after inhaling this kind of smiley in parties was hospitalized with convulsions and tremors. At the end of 2012, an Illinois University student, Benjamin Collen, 19, died of suffocation from N2O.

The danger is that if you abuse the hallucinogen for a long time, it is very easy to come to the use of real addictive drugs, even using drugs. Because, once you get used to the feeling of “criticism” with hallucinations, young people are very easy to find things to create a stronger “feeling”. They used to use laughing gas to “criticize”, sometimes they would try the daisy, ecstasy, “stone” … At some point, they would try heroin, from smoking to injection and then definitely addict Drug injection plus HIV / AIDS infection will come to death.

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