NASA launches dragonflies on Saturn’s moon

The dragonfly is actually a small spy helicopter, which will be launched on Saturn’s moon Titan with the mission to search for extraterrestrial life.

According to NASA’s “Dragonfly” project, this state-of-the-art reconnaissance device will be dropped into hundreds of different places on Saturn’s Titan moon, taking samples from the surface and atmosphere using one. scientific instruments. This activity aims to evaluate the manifestations of life, evolutionary signs, traces of water …

Peter Bedini, director of the Dragonfly project, said the flying dragon’s flying ability will help it to overcome geological obstacles more easily than previous equipment.

Saturn’s Titan moon with a giant ocean of hydrocarbon gas will be NASA’s next target in its quest to find extraterrestrial life. Because of extraterrestrials, Titan is the only planet in the solar system that possesses liquid oceans and lakes.

Although Titan’s ocean is air and not water, scientists have discovered that the moon is covered by a variety of organic substances and is undergoing similar chemical processes on Earth. , before life begins.

New evidence earlier this year also shows that Titan contains special molecules that can form cells and allow organisms to survive at -179 degrees Celsius.

This is the second time NASA has approached Titan. In 2004, NASA’s Huygens probe came to this mysterious moon but it was not equipped to search for life.

The new plan will be launched in 2020. It is expected that by 2025 the dragonfly will begin its mission and will reach Titan by 2034.

Decoding the curse “July blue moon” causing tragedy?

For a long time, the full moon that appeared twice in the same month has raised countless bizarre rumors.

Curse “July blue moon”

It is said that the eccentricity of the moon when it turns green has an impact on the human nervous system, causing them to lose control and behave like mad people. Even in Western countries, it is often said that werewolves appear on the second full moon in the same month.

Most recently, according to astronomers forecasts, in July, the blue moon will continue to appear that many people are curious but also feel extremely confused, afraid. So where is the truth?

Blood moon, blue moon and mystery of the universe

When science has not yet developed, humans have known how to use the moon and constellations as a tool to predict and anticipate events of heaven and earth. Until now, scientists cannot deny the accuracy of these “tools” and it has become a folk experience that has been passed down from generation to generation. Even people look at the moon to guess the end of the world, the catastrophe happens to humans. Since ancient times, people have conceived that the blood moon and blue moon are directly related to the human catastrophe.

Not long ago, not knowing whether this ghost was real or just a coincidence, the blood moon was predicted to appear on April 4, 2014. At that time, the whole world was seething, bewildered by the scary dead rumors. Because, in the familiar scriptures of Christianity, there is also mention of the blood moon associated with the end of the world, the destruction …

One of the familiar books of Christianity says: “When the sheep opened the 6th seal, I saw a terrible earthquake. The sun is dark as a sack made of lanterns, the moon becomes red like blood. ” Many Christian believers also believe in the blood moon legend to be the punishment of God, which is how God demonstrates outrage towards mankind.

Venerable Thich Ban Quyen (head of Chan Long pagoda, Hai Phong) shared that, in Buddhism, the blood moon phenomenon is also at the top of 7 possible incidents. The first place of this great name is called “the most serious period”, the change in the color of the moon, the sun, including the appearance of blood moon. When this phenomenon occurs, the catastrophe will come and destroy people’s peaceful life.

According to Venerable Thich Ban Quyen, like the blood moon curse, many people still believe that when the blue moon appears, it will affect the brain and body shape of people. According to the ancient legend of Westerners, werewolves are ordinary people until the blue moon appears, violating a curse. They will go crazy, transforming into hairy wolf ghosts full of barbaric, destructive and murderous actions.

There was even a rumor, in the remote African land, dozens of people in a tribe who went crazy when the blue moon appeared in the sky. Not knowing how this story really works, since then, every time a blue moon is predicted, people often close the door, hide in the house with extreme anxiety and confusion. They were afraid to go out and be infected by that ghostly and deadly blue thing that turned itself into a wild, cold-blooded wolf.

An omen or just astronomical phenomenon?

The phenomenon of blue moon and rumors around who accidentally saw the blue moon will be crazy or happen big events in life like a curse that many people fear.

Mr. Dang Vu Tuan Son, Chairman of Vietnam Young Astronomical Association said: “According to my understanding, the blue moon is the second and bright moon phenomenon in a month. Blue moon does not appear often, it occurs on average about 2.7 years / time. In fact, the moon was not really green at the time. The name of the blue moon has nothing to do with the color of the moon, it’s just because we look at different places, so imagine it. ”

The chairman of the Vietnam Young Astronomical Society explained, it is possible, in the event of the appearance of smoke or dust in the air, that the light from the moon is absorbed into the earth is absorbed, only green remains. In fact, the second full moon in the solar calendar is no different from the other full moon times. Calling that phenomenon “blue moon” is only to emphasize its difference. Blue moon has many names, many people call it full moon day sturgeon, blue corn moon, cereal moon and red full moon …

Mr. Tuan Son also explained, Westerners call the second full moon day in the solar calendar a blue moon. The truth is, though the moon seems round in both nights, technically, it’s only round for a short time, not for long. The rumors surrounding this July blue moon phenomenon are not grounded. It is also possible that some people find their names strange to associate with thrilling stories.

Scientists have also confirmed that there is no evidence that the blue moon causes an abnormal phenomenon for humans. There is also no such thing as a blue moon affecting people’s illnesses as rumors on social networks that this rare phenomenon will drive people crazy.

“It is also possible that on this blue moon, the events will be remembered more by people than the moonless days or the moon. Because they are making it a special day. In fact, it is just a normal full moon day and does not affect people. There are a number of schools in the West that regard the day of the blue moon as a strange phenomenon and an omen. However, there has never been any incident when the blue moon has appeared again. Therefore, it is just unfounded rumors, ”said Mr. Dang Vu Tuan Son.

In the same view, Mr. Truong Ngoc Khanh, Chairman of the Hanoi Astronomical Society said: “Blue moon or Blue moon is an English term used to refer to the phenomenon of full moon twice a month. Some records of the blue-colored moon in 1980 and 1991 were caused by air pollution (dust particles that disperse blue light rays make us see the blue moon.

The phenomenon of the blue moon is expected to happen at the end of July, we have planned to find out if the moon is really green as speculation. There is a full moon every month. But due to the accumulation of time of the year, at some point, a full moon in February and people call the second full moon in the month it is blue moon.

Mr. Khanh gave evidence that previously there were many rumors about the moon. Blood moon, they said that the end of the world, the blue moon, said that people would go crazy or appear werewolf. When there were unfounded judgments, the scientists also conducted an investigation to understand the relationship between the moon and human inequality.

As a result, they hardly find any evidence of the relevance of the events. Many other tests have not found any connection between the full moon and the explosion of mental illness, or epilepsy, human surgery. Therefore, the information they gave earlier was just a rumor that caused confusion.

The scientific explanation affects the light of the moon to health
According to Mr. Dang Vu Tuan Son, the documents also recorded, in the 17th century, many researchers asserted that the moon has a strange power, affecting the disease of the brain. According to scientists from Leeds University (UK), during the period of 5-6 days of the full moon phenomenon, the number of hospitalized injuries often increases suddenly.

Experts at the University of California, USA discovered that there is an impact between light from the moon to human health. They explained that in the days of full moon, the light of the moonlight affected people’s sleep, causing sleep deprivation and more or less affecting the nervous system, leading to attitudes and actions. weirdo. However, it is only a small effect that cannot lead to mad people or werewolves appearing as legends.

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